Earlier this year we received a request from Dr Tanya Schickerling to assist with decorating her new paediatric oncology clinic at the Netcare Alberton Hospital. We were super excited as this meant that for the first time children from the south of Johannesburg would have their own colorful unit where they could feel comfortable while receiving treatment.

This personalised unit consists of four beautiful and bright beds to enable four out-patients to be given chemo at the same time. The unit’s facelift was made possible by the amazing donor and renowned entrepreneur Yaseen Valli of the Trade Route Mall.

According to Dr Tanya Schickerling they will now be able to give out-patient treatment in an area that is dedicated only to children. “Our children were getting treatment at the out-patient area between the adults because there wasn’t a dedicated out-patient unit for children at the previous hospital. We are set up with our pharmacy so that we have one place where it comes from. Everything is happening in one area which makes it so much easier and it’s a happy area,” said Schickerling. Because children come weekly, she said she wanted to keep things exciting and make the unit colourful and that having a colourful place lifts the children’s mood. She reiterated that the contribution to the unit shows that people care about children.

Mr Valli, who also shared about his journey to recovery, generously committed to donating R100 000 more to help create a better and more comfortable space for children. “It’s not about what it costs, but it’s about what it can create for children. If we can help raise active citizens and can contribute to society, then we don’t have to complain but we can do,” he said. 

We also paid tribute to the late Chiara Valle during the occasion by presenting one of the sections which were given a facelift in honour of her. Chiara was diagnosed at age two with a childhood cancer called neuroblastoma and gained her angel wings just after her third birthday.

Cupcakes of Hope founder Sandy Cipriano said: “We are so grateful that we could honor Chiara in this special way, because of her journey with cancer, this initiative started and her little light keeps on shining. We started helping a hand full of patients 10 years ago, now Cupcakes of HOPE financially assists more than 200 patients every single month. We are so grateful to all our amazing volunteers who have ‘baked a difference’ in the lives of children fighting cancer, you have helped save so many children’s lives and we are forever grateful for all the love and support.”

We would like to thank Dr Tanya Schickerling and Dr Carla Basson for allowing us to be part of this wonderful room make over. We pray that every single patient coming through these doors will ring the bell, knowing that they are not alone during this journey. There are so many people praying for a speedy and full recovery.

Lastly a special THANK YOU to the Valli Family for everything they did to make this clinic a magical place for our little cancer warriors, you truly have hearts of GOLD!.


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