Cupcakes Of Hope Party

Cupcakes Of Hope Parties are community-driven events that aim to raise awareness around childhood cancer and raise funds for families in need of medical assistance.

The concept is simple, bake 100 cupcakes and sell them for R10 within your community to raise funds for children and families in need. Cupcakes Of Hope Parties are hosted by volunteers throughout the year in a wide variety of formats. 

Every party is unique. Your party, your rules. You provide the cupcakes and host an event, and we’ll provide you with Cupcakes Of Hope badges, balloons, cupcake cups and early warning sign information leaflets. The rest is up to you. We’ve see some fantastic initiatives in the past, from office parties to school baking events and touching days of remembrance for loved ones who have gained their angel wings.

The following are dates that we have set out each year. We often find Cupcake Angels want a specific reason to host a Party of Hope and these will work well
  • 4 February: World Cancer Day
  •  15 February: International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day
  •  1 April: Caps 4 Cancer (April Fools)
  •  5 June: Cancer Survivors Day
  •  18 July: Madiba Day
  •  1 September: International Cupcake for Breakfast Day
  •  Whole of September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  •  31 October: Superheroes 4 Cancer

You can also choose a date that has special meaning to you. Mother’s day, father’s day, a birthday, a rememberance party, the list is endless

When you register for a Cupcakes Of Hope Party we send you the following for you to make the day special:
  • Leaflets with the Early Cancer Warning Signs
  • Badges to wear on the day
  • Cupcake baking cups with our logo on
  • Balloons with our logo on

But don’t be limited by what we send! You can really make it a special day but adding your own touch!

We have a few schools which have already registered with us and here are some of their ideas:
  • Getting the older scholars to bake and decorate 12 cupcakes each, these will then be sold during break for R5 or R10 each
  • Extra Cupcakes can be baked and then taken to an orphanage/old age home after school
  • Nursery schools can host a “Cupcake Decorating Class” on that day, each child gets an un-iced cupcake and they can then decorate it with icing and different toppings (smarties, jelly tots, little chocolate hearts)


“Your Party… Your Rules!”

Remember this is not so much about fundraising but about educating others about the Cancer Early Warning Signs, so the only requirement is that either an email or leaflet gets sent out to all the parents or co-workers. We also now have the Early Warning Signs in 20 different languages available here. So please feel free to download, print and share…

Keep in mind, that even though our charity’s colour scheme is pink and purple, that Childhood Cancer is represented by GOLD! So if you intend to distribute ribbons or something like that, please make them gold (as to not confuse anyone with pink representing breast cancer!)

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