During the Month of August Ghost Riders had a Charity day for us, they had such fun on this day and I am so glad that we were able to create awareness of early childhood cancer warning signs in children.

Thank you to everyone one involved in making this day happen…

Our First Party of Hope for Spring was held by Macsteel and when I asked why they decided to Host one this was their Reply: Nicky Steyn, Vicky du Toit and myself have a passion for baking. We have baked for cupcakes 4 kids with cancer day ( National Cupcake Days) for the past three years, and just decided that Hosting a Party is something we wanted to do. We held it at our company Macsteel and had great support from our colleagues.

This is The Little Playschool in Johannesburg Party of Hope they had, I just love the students faces with the cupcakes they decorated, this school also asked for soft toys that will be donated to children with cancer. Thank you Little Playschool for creating awareness….

Bridget Party of Hope Bridget Greenslade raised awareness  for Cupcakes 4 kids with cancer . Look at her awesome invite she put out on facebook and on notice boards in and around Modderfontein. 

Thank you for all your help and we hope that this donation made by the people of Thornhill Estate in Modderfontein, will help you and your organisation in the fight against cancer.

Taryn’s Party of Hope and why she decided to Host one… We are all affected by this disease (cancer) in one way or another as a family. Our uncle had/has cancer, a colleague of mine recently passed away from cancer, and another colleague was recently diagnosed with cancer. 2 Family friend’s also passed away from cancer. So this cause to create awareness about cancer in children is close to our hearts. It was initially supposed to be a small Cupcake morning at my sister’s house in Midstream, and soon snow balled into having 800 cupcakes donated from family and friends. We all have children and they also helped bake. Many people baked for us, Charles is one of the co-owners of MUGG & BEAN SA Midstream and they were all really supported. 

We were set up by 7 am and the sales were initially very slow, but by 12 pm we were sold our Completely, The residents of Midstream were truly supportive of this cause.

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