Being a Mom is probably the biggest blessing in the world but being a Onco Mom is something that most of us will never experience but a true test to motherhood, but in our experience Onco Mom’s have super powers that not even they knew they had. 

This year we asked our for Cupcake Angel’s to assist us in making Mother’s Day special for our Onco Mom’s, although their kiddo’s are in hospital they still want their mom’s to feel special.  We asked our Cupcake Angels to assist us in making Mother’s Day special by donating hand cream, nail polish, biscuits and mugs. 

Blessed beyond measure and as we started collecting donated gifts it was evident that so much time and love was put into each donation, it’s with the support of our amazing network that Mother’s Day was special …. THANK YOU CUPCAKE ANGEL’S our Onco Mom’s felt special and loved their special spoil.