Dear Cupcake Angels

Once again THANK YOU for all your continuous support, we have been able to assist so many patients this year and it’s all because of the amazing support we receive from people like yourselves.


Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it. Easter also reminds us of God’s never-ending love for us.

Earlier last month we were so excited to celebrate Easter at 19 pediatric oncology wards across South Africa. Our Easter Bunnies delivered 400 Easter bags filled with Easter eggs, activity packs, masks and sanitizers. We loved receiving these photos and seeing all these beautiful smiles, knowing that we helped spread some more love during Easter is so rewarding.

“What absolutely beautiful packets, really appreciated.”:
Dr Mackinonn from Chris Hani Bardgwanath Hospital.


“Thanks for your packages filled with so much love. Our kids loved it”:
Sister Mary from Albert Lethuli Hospital


“Baie dankie vir die pakkies wat u vir die kiddies gestuur het. Het vanoggend terwyl hulle nog geslaap het dit op hul bed gesit sodat hulle wakker word en sien hulle paashaas was daar.”:
Sr Nelia (Saalsekr. G3) from Universitas Hospital Bloemfontein


We would like to thank the amazing team at SQ-Easy® Multi-Purpose Wristband for donating 400 sanitizing wristbands for our hospital Easter bags deliveries. The little patients were fascinated with this cool wristband that could help keep them safe from all the germs.

These bands are made from Kitchen Grade, Hypo-Allergenic Silicone that is Waterproof & can be filled with Sunscreen, Sanitizers, Cologne, Insect Repellent & so much more. SQ-EASY is available in an array of Cool and Funky Candy Colours, for more info on how to get your own SQ-Easy Wristband, visit

If you would like to host an awareness event and fundraiser for Cupcakes of HOPE, please contact via email – or register here –

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