Cupcakes of HOPE, a South African non-profit organisation that strives to bake its way into creating awareness for children with cancer, is celebrating its 10th anniversary involving a unique collaboration with a Pretoria-based boutique jewellery designer.


Up for raffle will be a bespoke, one-of-a-kind Ring of HOPE, designed by master craftswoman Erika Cronje, who is the business owner and inspiration behind the designs of V’Dodili designs – and a dedicated Cupcake Angel herself.


Erika created the Ring of HOPE to symbolize the light, love and hope that are at the heart of the organisation and that ties in with her moral values of giving back. She donated it to Cupcakes of HOPE so that it can be used to raise much-needed funds that help make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.


Valued at R26 500, the Ring of HOPE is a collaboration of a higher level.


Erika became a Cupcake Angel in 2012 and as time went on felt the need to give back and to support a cause that is close to her heart. The birth of her child sparked and prompted her to create and craft the ring.


For founder of Cupcakes of HOPE, Sandy Cipriano, the gesture is a perfect example of how Cupcake Angels are finding creative ways to give to the organisation without necessarily having to bake.


“Erika is using her God-given talent to help create awareness and raise funds for children fighting cancer. The funds will go towards paying for the medical and other day-to-day needs of children who are currently fighting the battle of their lives,” said Sandy Cipriano.


The ring is full of symbolism and has earned the name – Ring of HOPE for a variety of reasons. Surrounded by 10 Baguette diamonds, each one marks the years that the organisation has been in existence.


The unique 9K yellow gold ring has a light pink Tourmaline stone in the centre with a small heart and diamond on either side – representing love and light. Erika said she chose the pink-coloured stone because she felt that the colour is associated with children, their vulnerability, pureness and the softness of small children and – more importantly it aligns with the colours of the Cupcakes of HOPE organisation.


Viewed from the top, the ring of HOPE reveals a cross, the cross of Jesus and suggests the role of God, bringing hope in times of hardship, light when there is darkness and pure, unconditional love.


Seen from the side, a heart shape and cancer ribbons are revealed – also signs of love and HOPE experienced when Cupcakes of HOPE steps in to offer assistance and support to children with cancer in so many different ways, the HOPE in a person’s journey with cancer and again love. A small heart on the bottom of the ring is a signature symbol in all of V’Dodili’s designs.


“If anyone is looking for a gift that symbolises a personal milestone in their journey with cancer or wants to celebrate an anniversary of love and light, the coloured stone at the centre can be changed to suit their personal choice,” said Erika.

It’s so much more than a ring.


Anyone wanting to support Cupcakes of HOPE can purchase a R100 raffle ticket directly from the website.


Raffle entry ends on 31 December 2022 and the winner will be announced in January 2023.






V’Dodili jewellery design was established in 2010 offering unique personalised designs. They are passionate about delivering happiness through their unique designs and beautiful jewellery pieces.

The name V’Dodili is derived from the Hebrew phrase “Ani L Dodi v’dodili” which means I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.


Erika Cronje is the owner, the passion behind V’Dodili. She is a Cupcake Angel who graduated in 2008 from the University of Potchefstroom, where she obtained her degree in BSc. Consumer Science. Instead of furthering her studies in this course, she decided to fulfil her dream of becoming a jewelry designer and manufacturer. In 2009 she started her three-year course at Tshwane University of Technology and two years later obtained her gold licence.

During her studies she started V’Dodili and from humble beginnings it has grown from strength to strength through the support of many local clients and have supported various initiatives aligned to its core values.

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