This week has been an absolute priceless week with the Cupcake Angel’s hosting two Christmas Parties for our amazing little Warrior’s in Johannesburg

We started with a bang on Sunday with hosting 250 people at the Johannesburg Theatre, and watched Pinocchio – an absolutely amazing performance, which catered for young and old.  To see these little faces, most of which have never been to the theatre was the highlight of my day. We then proceeded to the penthouse and with our Warrior’s shouting for Santa they were spoilt with all the gifts that were bought with so much thought and love.  The warriors and families got to meet Lucinda, our Brand Ambassador, and the title holder of Mrs Global United, thank you for providing all the yummy cupcakes.  Between Rochelle, Bianca and myself we received so many messages of thanks that all the time and effort in putting the day together was absolutely perfect.

The Joburg theatre were more than accommodating and they went out their way to not only give us complimentary tickets but to also deal with all our requests and changes!

Last night we were off to the Garden of Lights with some of our newer families, and all I can say is WOW.  Clive, Nileen and team from the Emperor’s hotel went beyond the call of duty, with an amazing Santa, Elf, dinner, Christmas stockings, access to the Garden of lights and finally unlimited play time in the theme park.  It was so special to be able to spend some quality time with Warrior’s and families!  Thank you to Dawn, Team Potgieter and Mikayla for being part of the magic

When putting any event together it takes time, love and dedication to ensure a memorable and priceless event for our very special Warrior’s.  But none of this would be possible without all of our Cupcake Angel’s THANK YOU to each and every one of you that played a very important role in making CHRISTMAS SPECIAL for our WARRIORS.

This year we were absolutely blessed with a Cupcake Angel that sacrifices so much of herself for our Warriors, Carol-Anne was our very own Mrs Clause.  Annie, you arranged the theatre, you arranged the Garden of Lights – you dealt with all my requests and changes and did it with a smile, thank you for being YOU, thank you to your family for sharing you with us and for always putting our Warrior’s on the top of the priority list.

There is absolutely no amount of words that can express our gratitude to all our Cupcake Angel’s, we are truly blessed with the best.

Sending loads of love, an amazing Christmas and a New Year filled with all the love and blessings you and your family deserve!

Sandy, Michelle & Rochelle


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