Ring of Hope Raffle


Raffle entry ends on 30 December 2022 and the winner will be announced on 31 December 2022.

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We are celebrating our 10th anniversary with V’Dodili, a Pretoria-based boutique jewellery designer, by raffling a tailored, one-of-a-kind Ring of HOPE, designed by master craftswoman Erika Cronje, owner of V’Dodili designs – and a dedicated Cupcake Angel herself.


Valued at R26 500, the Ring of HOPE is a collaboration of a higher level.


The ring is full of symbolism and has earned the name – Ring of HOPE for a variety of reasons. Surrounded by 10 Baguette diamonds, each one marks the years that Cupcakes of HOPE has been in existence.

The unique 9K yellow gold ring has a light pink Tourmaline stone in the centre with a small heart and diamond on either side – representing love and light. Erika said she chose the pink-coloured stone because she felt that the colour is associated with children, their vulnerability, pureness and the softness of small children and – more importantly it aligns with the colours of Cupcakes of HOPE.


Viewed from the top, the ring of HOPE reveals a cross, the cross of Jesus and suggests the role of God, bringing hope in times of hardship, light when there is darkness and pure, unconditional love.

Seen from the side, a heart shape and cancer ribbons are revealed – also signs of love and HOPE experienced when Cupcakes of HOPE steps in to offer assistance and support to children with cancer in so many different ways, the HOPE in a person’s journey with cancer and again love. A small heart on the bottom of the ring is a signature symbol in all of V’Dodili’s designs.


It’s so much more than a ring.

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