Do you enjoy baking and helping those in need? If so, Cupcakes of Hope needs you! This non-profit organisation that supports children with cancer across the country is celebrating its tenth birthday this year by calling all South Africans to come together and bake in honour of lost loved ones and cancer survivors this National Cupcake Day1 October 2022.

Knowing that so many people have either stood by friends and family in their struggle against cancer or devastatingly, lost loved ones, the Cupcakes of Hope organisation aims to bring volunteers across the country together, to help them raise funds in order to reach their target of R10 million.

While Childhood Cancer is an extremely challenging journey, Cupcakes of Hope offers a light-hearted, fun and rewarding way to stand in solidarity with cancer survivors, help those who are currently undergoing treatment, and give back to the cause. Volunteers, fondly known as Cupcakes Angels, are those who generously offer their time to bake a difference or those who support the fundraising campaign. Any recipe can be used as long as it includes the secret ingredient of love.

Hosting a cupcake fundraiser is an easy way to bring family, friends and colleagues together and honour a loved one or a survivor. From office fund raisers, to community cake sales to simply rallying friends and family together to bake, every act of kindness contributes towards the needs of children fighting cancer.

The funds raised will enable Cupcakes of Hope to continue the much needed support they provide to hundreds of young cancer patients and their families every month. This includes covering their medical bills and other essential needs, from nappies to nutrition and everything in between. Since 2021, the number of patients supported by this organisation has doubled. Last month alone, over 240 young cancer patients received financial assistance, with the youngest being only 5 months old.

National Cupcake Day events will be hosted at 58 malls across the country on Saturday 1 October. Dozens of Cupcake Angels have already signed up but there is a great need for more. You can get involved by either baking and donating cupcakes OR by visiting one of our participating venues and for a small donation you will receive a delicious cupcake made with love.

“My mom is no longer here. I would like to encourage each person fighting this battle that you are not alone”, said Cupcake Angel Lucretia Peterson who lost her mom to cancer and will be baking on the day. “We are all rooting for you to come out stronger on the other side,” she added.

“Cupcakes of Hope is not just a platform where we help children with cancer. By volunteering to honour our friends and loved ones who have been affected by cancer, it brings joy, healing and purpose to so many of us,” says Sandy Cipriano, founder of Cupcakes of Hope“It is also a way to pay it forward and make new friends, who become family,” she added.


“Remember that there is no small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple” – Scott Adams


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