In November we were invited by the American Cancer Society to do an online presentation to more than 60 international cancer organizations. It was an honor to be part of the amazing SOURCE event and have the opportunity to talk about volunteer management and retention.

When I initially received the invitation, I felt overwhelmed by the thought of speaking to so many international charities. I had never done an online presentation before and often refer to myself as technology challenged, but during this pandemic we’ve all been stretched and have had to learn new skills. I still have to pinch myself as I can’t believe that growing up I was petrified to talk on stage and now I’m sharing my journey with so many people, not only in South Africa but all over the world. It’s just amazing what happens when you find your calling and God gives you the tools you need to ‘do the job’.

I am so grateful to Kristie and Andriy for the opportunity to share our Cupcake journey with the rest of the world and I hope that it inspired more people to become Cupcake Angels and help spread Cupcake Love all across the world.

Here is some feedback from my presentation:

“It was such a pleasure to have you share your experiences with our group today! And your session did double duty on volunteer engagement AND resource mobilization. Which was an unexpected benefit! It was an uplifting session and a great note to end the year. So thank you for making an extra special session! You had a lot of great insider tips and it was clear how much you’ve learned through the years that is resulting in such great accomplishments, even during lockdown!” – Kristie McComb, The American Cancer Society


“We especially appreciate all of the time you took away from your own work to prepare the presentation, participate in the preparatory sessions, deliver a wonderful presentation and enthusiastically address participants’ questions. We feel extremely fortunate and humbled that you volunteered your time and expertise to contribute to this important endeavor.” – David Gitonga, Steps Ahead Consulting Kenya


“Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful, inspirational presentation and for helping our organizations look at using short-term volunteers as resource mobilizers, rather than just program activity volunteers.” – Andriy Chybisov, The American Cancer Society.

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