Celebrating International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (15 February 2018) was a massive success this February with 43 registered parties of hope. Cupcake Angel’s around the country supported the #81partiesofhope campaign.

Why 81 you ask? Well … in 2017 we sadly received 81 new Warrior registrations. 81 more families faced with not only a financial burden but also the fear of facing childhood cancer.

Together as a team Cupcake Angel’s worked hard and had loads of fun in creating an awareness on the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer and raising funds to support our new families and continue to support our previously registered families.

The parties of Hope was a tribute to all our Warriors that in times of darkness Cupcake Angels acknowledge and recognize our brave Warrior’s!!

Thank you Cupcake Angels, without your support we wouldn’t be able to continue to bless our BRAVE WARRIORS!