Global Golf4 Cancer

Global Golf4 Cancer is a globally active not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to inspire the golfing community to ‘fly the flag’ and support cancer fighters worldwide. They have chosen Cupcakes of HOPE as their African partner and beneficiary. 

Nick Edmund, the founder of Global Golf4 Cancer, says: “The campaigns and events we organise or associate with are intended to raise awareness of  ‘GlobalGolf4 Cancer’ as well as inspire fundraising from within the golfing community. By involving and gaining the active support of golfers and the wider golf industry we can help a variety of cancer-fighting initiatives like the amazing work Cupcakes of HOPE does in South Africa.”

Why the ‘4 theme’ and why a special ‘4-Flag’ on the 4th hole?   The idea emanates from the sad fact that, today, at least 1 in 4 of us is likely to be affected by cancer during our lifetime. And from par fours, to fourballs, foursomes and four Major championships, ‘4’ is perhaps the most significant number in golf. Whether 9-hole or 18-hole, every golf course has a 4th hole with a pin or flag in it – one that we aim at and interact with as we play the hole. The flag is a beacon and a banner; and in our campaign ‘flying the 4-flag’ is emblematic of what we are striving to inspire: ‘global golf 4 cancer’.

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