Dear Cupcake Angels

It’s finally December! And what a year it has been! Covid 19 has changed the world and our view of it, our focus shifted and what matters shifted.


So many things looked impossible during the lockdown. Would our patients be able to receive the treatment they needed? Would our Cupcake Angels be able to host National Cupcake Day? Would Cupcakes of HOPE continue to ‘bake a difference’ in the lives of children in need? Would we be able to host our yearly Christmas Party? So many things looked like it would just not happen! But through the grace of the Lord, we made it this far!

I learned so many things this year, I saw how people found ways to help those in need despite the need to keep their physical distance. We might have changed our methods this year, but we NEVER changed our message! Our message has always been that everyone CAN make/bake a difference, all they need is a bit of time and lots of LOVE!


This year has been an extraordinary year and looking back at it I would like to thank all our Cupcake Angels for their ongoing support. I’m so grateful for every single Cupcake Angel who baked for us, for those who donated funds, for those who cycled for our little warriors, and for those who prayed for our cause.


A special thank you to my amazing team Lucy, Rochelle, Stephanie and Lori for always going the extra mile, for putting the needs of our little cancer patients and families above their own needs during this pandemic… you are Angels with hearts of GOLD!





May you have the spirit of Christmas which is Peace, the gladness of Christmas which is Hope, and the Heart of Christmas which is Love.


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