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Taryn hosted her Party of Hope in 2014 – never did I Imagine that she and her amazing family and friends would raised R 12 507 for Cupcakes 4 kids with cancer. Please read her story: “We are all affected by this disease (cancer) in one way or another as a family. Our uncle had/has cancer, a colleague of mine recently passed away from cancer, and another colleague was recently diagnosed with cancer. 2 Family friend’s also passed away from cancer. So this cause to create awareness about cancer in children is close to our hearts. It was initially supposed to be a small Cupcake morning at my sister’s house in Midstream, and soon snow balled into having 800 cupcakes donated from family and friends. We all have children and they also helped bake. Many people baked for us, Charles is one of the co-owners of Mugg & Bean Midstream and they were all really supportive.
We were set up by 7 am and the sales were initially very slow, but by 12 pm we were sold our Completely, The residents of Midstream were truly supportive of this cause.
We would like to do this again next year, if your organisation permits…”

And she did! In 2015 they raised R28 310!!! Here is her 2015 story:

The Mugg & Bean at the Square @ Midstream are huge supporters of your cause and without them, none of this would be possible. Michael and Charles are Superstars! And the Mugg & Bean brand are just phenomenal to support us in our drive!

After a friends son passed away earlier this year (2015) from cancer, and knowing that your foundation purchased a bed for him to use while he was at home, we knew that your foundation helped those in need and further assured us that your charity was the one we wanted to support!

If it were not for my sisters, Tracey, Stacey and Andrea and all their friends we would not have achieved this incredible amount donated to your foundation.

And we would like to thank-you for allowing us to support you, albeit in a small way.”


Bridget Thornhill heading

Bridget Greenslade raised R7000 for Cupcakes 4 kids with cancer. Look at her awesome invite she put out on facebook and on notice boards in and around Modderfontein.

Thank you for all your help and we hope that this donation made by the people of Thornhill Estate in Modderfontein, will help you and your organisation in the fight against cancer.

Ghost riders heading

This is their story of the ladies that Organised the Ghost Riders Charity Run for Cupcakes 4 kids with Cancer:
I (Jamie Lee) ordered 100 cupcakes, Leandra’s boss baked 50, Wildhogs bike club ladies donated 100 cupcakes. We set up at around 9:30am and managed to sell all of the cupcakes – the rest were donations and the raffle. These guys really donated a lot of money (everyone literally just took money out of their pockets).
Well done to all the Bikers that made this day possible for us…

Lorraine heading

This mother lost her baby girl Lynette last year, she had kidney cancer. Mommy Lorraine held her Party of Hope in Honour of her daughter and she created awareness of early childhood cancer. Thank you to all involved.

Cheryl heading

It was such a joy to host a party for kids with cancer – it was a big success. I’m happy to be part of this beautiful organisation. The day brought unending blessing – I was blessed with a fourth granddaughter:) Kind regards, Cheryl….

Melissa heading

Melissa decided for her birthday this year she wants do donate to us. She has a small business from her home that is called Love Cupcakes. She sold boxes of 6 cupcakes to her customers with our leaflets on and a certain amount is coming to our charity. Thank you Melissa for donating to our charity and also spreading the Early Childhood cancer warning signs to your customers.

 Pink Goddess heading

Rennie Naidoo hosted a Pink Goddess High Tea for 11 Ladies at her home on Sunday 12 October 2014. Raising Breast Cancer/ Cancer Awareness, incorporating National Bandana Day and the funds raised from the day Rennie donated to Cupcakes 4 kids with cancer. Well done to all involved. Please read her letter she sent to me:

Dedicated the high tea in memory of my late gran, a breast cancer survivor and my dad whom I lost to and aggressive brain tumour GBS.

I chose 12th October for its significance NATIONAL BANDANA DAY, to help create awareness and to encourage more people to join the SA Bone Marrow Registry…Give a little to Save a Life. Invited a select few friends, just 11. The idea was to provide an ambiance for socializing, relaxing, energizing and simply enjoying “Me Time” celebrating their inner Goddess. Started the afternoon with lighting a huge pink candle in remembrance of my gran, my dad and all those that have gone before and prayed for those still battling the illness. Guest Speaker, GM of Kingsway Hospital Mrs. Annatjie Demetriou addressed breast health/cancer in general , importance of regular check ups, precautions, diet, exercise and distributed pamphlets from Lake Smit and Partners. Ladies engaged in an interactive discussion. Then ladies were treated to a Decadent High Tea.
After tea, Line Dance bronze medallist, Saroj taught the ladies a line dance routine. Elaine and I taught simple sensual belly dancing moves.
Thereafter ladies were pampered with a surprise 10 minute Shiatsu back massage. It was an afternoon of incredible fun and splendour with the event drawing to a close with pledges. It was only appropriate that I make the first pledge and I committed to making this an Annual Event The ladies opened up their hearts and purses and gave unconditionally. An amount of R3500 raised in just 2 hours.
From the responses/feedback I received, I know it’s going to be bigger and better with each passing year. My Prayer/Dream/Wish is that a cure for cancer is found and that our children and their children’s children Live in a Cancer Free World.

Ashtyn heading

This is Ashtyn who hosted a Party of Hope and created awareness at her school’s market. Thank you Ashtyn and friends.

 Glynnis heading

This is a cancer survivor’s story on why she wanted to host a Party of Hope:

I saw Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer on the internet while researching for something I needed and contacted you. When I saw you were in the Vaal close by I just felt I had to do something to help and give back. I never realised how many little ones are going through Cancer. Some people seem to think of it as an older persons disease, only smokers get it, or you have been punished in Life so you are given Cancer. How far from the truth Is that. Its very heart sore to witness and I now realise that no ways could anyone punish a child by giving them Cancer. I am presently a breast Cancer Survivor myself.

Well Done Glynnis!!!

3rd Krugersdorp Brownies heading

The 3rd Krugersdorp Brownies hosted a Party of Hope – as you can see it was a full house & they all had a blast. Petrae emailed me to say they raised a whopping amount that will assist patients with cancer. Thank you Petrae and team.




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