International Childhood Cancer Day 2018

Celebrating International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (15 February 2018) was a massive success this February with 43 registered parties of hope. Cupcake Angel’s around the country supported the #81partiesofhope campaign.


Why 81 you ask? Well … in 2017 we sadly received 81 new Warrior registrations. 81 more families faced with not only a financial burden but also the fear of facing childhood cancer.


Together as a team Cupcake Angel’s worked hard and had loads of fun in creating an awareness on the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer and raising funds to support our new families and continue to support our previously registered families.


The parties of Hope was a tribute to all our Warriors that in times of darkness Cupcake Angels acknowledge and recognize our brave Warrior’s!!


Thank you Cupcake Angels, without your support we wouldn’t be able to continue to bless our BRAVE WARRIORS!






Christmas Greetings

This week has been an absolute priceless week with the Cupcake Angel’s hosting two Christmas Parties for our amazing little Warrior’s in Johannesburg


We started with a bang on Sunday with hosting 250 people at the Johannesburg Theatre, and watched Pinocchio – an absolutely amazing performance, which catered for young and old.  To see these little faces, most of which have never been to the theatre was the highlight of my day. We then proceeded to the penthouse and with our Warrior’s shouting for Santa they were spoilt with all the gifts that were bought with so much thought and love.  The warriors and families got to meet Lucinda, our Brand Ambassador, and the title holder of Mrs Global United, thank you for providing all the yummy cupcakes.  Between Rochelle, Bianca and myself we received so many messages of thanks that all the time and effort in putting the day together was absolutely perfect.


The Joburg theatre were more than accommodating and they went out their way to not only give us complimentary tickets but to also deal with all our requests and changes!


Last night we were off to the Garden of Lights with some of our newer families, and all I can say is WOW.  Clive, Nileen and team from the Emperor’s hotel went beyond the call of duty, with an amazing Santa, Elf, dinner, Christmas stockings, access to the Garden of lights and finally unlimited play time in the theme park.  It was so special to be able to spend some quality time with Warrior’s and families!  Thank you to Dawn, Team Potgieter and Mikayla for being part of the magic


When putting any event together it takes time, love and dedication to ensure a memorable and priceless event for our very special Warrior’s.  But none of this would be possible without all of our Cupcake Angel’s THANK YOU to each and every one of you that played a very important role in making CHRISTMAS SPECIAL for our WARRIORS.


This year we were absolutely blessed with a Cupcake Angel that sacrifices so much of herself for our Warriors, Carol-Anne was our very own Mrs Clause.  Annie, you arranged the theatre, you arranged the Garden of Lights – you dealt with all my requests and changes and did it with a smile, thank you for being YOU, thank you to your family for sharing you with us and for always putting our Warrior’s on the top of the priority list.


There is absolutely no amount of words that can express our gratitude to all our Cupcake Angel’s, we are truly blessed with the best.


Sending loads of love, an amazing Christmas and a New Year filled with all the love and blessings you and your family deserve!


Sandy, Michelle & Rochelle


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Guinness World Record 2017 attempt successful

cvhCUP 064 - Photo by Cornel van Heerden


South Africa takes the new Guinness World Records title for the Tallest tower of Cupcakes. The 10.7m tall tower showcased a whopping 6370 cupcakes. The previous record stood at 8m and was set up in Dubai last year.


cvhCUP 069 - Photo by Cornel van Heerden

This sweet event was organised by the charity Cupcakes of HOPE on September 23rd at Rio Sol, Vereeniging. “It’s all to help very ill children,” says Cupcakes of Hope founder Sandy Cipriano, whose team works tirelessly to raise money for the families of children with life-threatening diseases. 


“Right now, we need to raise R600 000 for stem-cell and bone-marrow transplants. There are desperately ill children in our network whose families need all the help they can get,” Cipriano says. 

cvhCUP 067 - Photo by Cornel van Heerden


Glenn Pollard, the adjudicator from Guinness World Records, says: “This was a very well organised Guinness World Records official attempt which was impressive enough. However to see the labours of those commendable efforts bring together the wider range of the community & for such a wonderful cause made the success of the attempt all the more special. Cupcakes of HOPE can justifiably feel incredibly proud of their achievement & of every single person that supported them.”


This “officially AMAZING” tower also paid tribute to more than 50 little cancer warriors who gained their Angel Wings. Cipriano says: “These brave little warriors will NEVER be forgotten and will always be in our hearts… I would like to thank all our Cupcake Angels across South African, more than R300 000 was pledged towards Cupcakes of HOPE. The funds raised today will be used to save children’s lives!”. cvhCUP 019 - Photo by Cornel van Heerden



Five year old cancer survivor Soso helped to stick the sponsor names on the tower. Sosa was diagnosed in 2014 with retinoblastoma and lost her one eye due to the cancer. Soso’s mom says:”I’m so grateful to Sandy and Cupcakes of HOPE, they are just a phone call away and make an unbearable situation more comfortable. Cupcakes of Hope also paid for Soso’s new prosthetic eye, something that I could not afford to pay for.” 


The Gold Sponsors of the event were Rio Sol Portuguese Restaurant, Domento and Bekker Steel. Daniel dos Santos from Domento says: “I was humbled by the time, effort, hard work and love that everyone involved put into this event. I was honoured and elated for having being part and would do it all over again.”

After the event each and every single cupcake was donated to the public as well as delivered to children’s homes and hospitals. 


cvhCUP 013 - Photo by Cornel van Heerden

Gold Sponsors: From left to right: Johan Bekker (Bekker Steel), Sandy Cipriano (founder of Cupcakes of HOPE), Cilo Cipriano (Rio Sol), Daniel Dos Santos (Domento) and Glenn Pollard from Guinness World Records



September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the 6th National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer will be celebrated at 63 malls across the country on 30 September, also know as the SWEETEST day of the year. For a R10 donation you will receive a deliciously homemade cupcake as well as a leaflet with the ‘Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer’, early detection can SAVE a child’s life! 


To find your nearest participating mall, visit

Christiaan’s Festival Surprise

20 May 2017  The Festival at St. Dunstans College


A surprise for Christiaan and his mates.  The festival was for the previous weekend however due to extreme weather conditions, the event was rained out and the organizers took a decision for move it to the 20 May 2017.  this was by far a good call from the organizers as the weather was glorious for a music festival.


The morning of the 20th, the sun shone bright and I called Maria to see whether our Warrior was ready for his surprise.  We collected Christiaan, Charleen, his girlfriend and Myburgh from Christiaan’s home and told him we were off to watch rugby.  As he is a humble 17 year old, he was happy with the “rugby” and one can only guess that he was happy to be out and about with new friendly faces.


We had a stop along the way to collect the last of the guests, Daniella Snyman, who is a leukemia survivor and who knows Christiaan.



Upon reaching the destination, The Festival and St. Dunstans College, I could then let the cat out the bag, so to speak.  I informed Christiaan that he and his friends, we’re being hosted in the VIP area by the event organizers Paul Smith, Mugg n Bean Farramere, Caxton & BCT.  That he would get the opportunity to see the artists in person and chillax in the VIP area where snacks and drinks were laid out for all VIP’s for the duration of the event.  Mugg n Bean kindly offered the group a meal and warm drinks through out the festival too.


Once we descended on the Caxton tent for a quick photo, we left the kids to their own devices and walked around the grounds to see the various food stands and areas of interest.


By the time we found a suitable spot in the Beer tent area for over 18’s only, the music was setting the tone for the night ahead.  We had a special spot whereby we could watch the world go by and observe all ages just enjoying the day.  As the day wore on, more and more people poured into the event.

One of our VIP guests was doing back stage concert duty at Arbor Primary so we needed to transport her to Arbor and shoot back to the Festival.  Having VIP parking was certainly a great help in facilitating the ferrying this VIP guest.


My highlight of the event was witnessing Christiaan and Charleen near the front of the stage, listening to the music and clearly very much in love.  When Khan Moreby came on stage, Christiaan beckoned me to join him but, this was his day, I wanted him to be consumed by his love for music and his lovely girlfriend.


Photo attached of Charleena Dan Chirstiaan near the stage and photo of Charleen and Khan.

After the event, we took Chirstiaan and his guests back home and had a lovely discussion about the day.  Myburgh and Christiaan we discussing the people, the bands, the music all while Charleen fell asleep in Christiaan’s arms.


It was during this time, we got to know Christiaan better.  Such a humble soul and extremely positive about his future.  He refers to his past 2 years as a place that he probably would not want to repeat however, he is rather philosophical that it changed who he is today and for the better.

Although he is still having chemo, the course will be completed by October and hopefully, the results will come back positive.

I am thrilled that we were able to offer him the opportunity to be a teenager for a day amongst a sea of teenagers and adults and just blend into the crowd without standing out as a victim of cancer.


We too, learnt something about ourselves in this process of making someone else’s day.  That being selfless and kind, takes very little in changing the way the incumbent views the world.  Although cupcakes change a life one cupcake at a time, I can honestly say, the Angels behind the scenes are as valuable as our world resources.


Thank you for introducing me to the world of Cupcakes and all you stand for. It was awesome to see Christiaan so happy with his friends for the day.